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Do You Realize That Every Day We Use illegal Products

erwinkeren.com – Do You Realize That Every Day We Use Illegal Products? Maybe it’s because we use illegal products for too long, so we end up thinking that it’s normal. Or you don’t know that the products you use everyday are illegal.

What is illegal? Illegal is an act that is carried out in violation of a law that has been established in a country or the definition of illegal is invalid according to law, in this case breaking the law, illegal products, or even having no permission from the party concerned. Illegal is the opposite of legal. More easily, illegal is “illegitimate”, whereas legal is “legitimate”.

Because it is not legal in the eyes of the law, of course you could be jailed!

Then what products do we often use as illegal goods?

1. illegal music

If you listen to music from downloads on the internet, you can be sure it is illegal. The owner of the mp3 site is also illegal because it gives the song to someone else for free. For those of you who want to listen to songs / music legally, you can buy a CD cassette at the store.

2. illegal Operating System

You have a computer or laptop but you have a pirated operating system? Means you are an illegal product user. The operating system that is often hijacked is Windows. Windows operating system is indeed quite expensive. People today actually duplicate the windows cd and sell it back at a cheaper price, of course this action is also illegal. Downloading the Windows operating system for free on the internet is illegal. So if you want to use windows products legally then buy them at the store. Even though it’s expensive, we will definitely get a legal product.

3. illegal software

Your PC or laptop also has illegal software installed? Wow, it’s complete, the Operating System is illegal, the software is also illegal. Illegal software is also obtained by downloading it for free on the Internet. Usually use a crack or keygen program to outsmart the software activation process.

4. illegal Films

Did you know that the film was actually sold in the market? Many people now want to watch movies on the internet by downloading it for free. If you want to have a legal film maybe you can watch a movie in the cinema.

5. Contraband

Before entering a country, products will be taxed, which is why goods sold in the market are more expensive. Usually people will buy contraband items to avoid taxes and certainly to get the price of goods that are cheaper than the market.

I am not sure if using illegal products is a sin or not, haram or not. But using an official legal product will bring pride to its users


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