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Is college necessary?

Is college necessary?

erwinkeren.com – Our beloved Indonesia has the largest population in the world number 4. To be able to build this Indonesian country, we need quality Human Resources (HR). To create quality human resources, knowledge and experience are also needed.

To get knowledge and experience one needs to go to school. The school is important to educate children, teach science, teach good morals, and introduce social life such as making friends with others. So schools are important especially since the government has also pursued a 12 year compulsory education program. And the government has also tried to eliminate school fees.

Learning and studying are important, school is also important, then what about college?
In my opinion, school is important but college is not so important, why is that possible? Instead of school and college the same goal is learning.
Need I say again if the school is mandatory but college is not mandatory.

Lecture is an advanced learning process in which a person has made a choice of subject majors. Usually in the selection of majors carried out various considerations, one of them interests and talents. Lectures are also often understood as teaching and learning activities at the tertiary level.

There are several reasons why college is not so important.

1. The lecture is out of date

In the past, college was considered special, because only a few people could go to college. In the past, people who got bachelor degrees were considered special.

yesterday, college was considered as a place to study or a place to seek knowledge. In the lecture also provides a library for students to read. But remember, it’s out of date. Now it’s modern times, all the knowledge and all information can be obtained easily via the internet. Yeah right, we can study anywhere thanks to the internet.

2. Tuition is not cheap

Tuition is expensive. You can spend tens of millions to hundreds of millions for college. If you pay tuition with your own sweat, I think that’s okay. But if you pay tuition fees from your parents’ money, wow that’s really bad.

Instead of spending a lot of money on college, it’s better to use the money for venture capital.

3. college but choose the wrong majors

After going through several semester of college, maybe you feel if you choose the wrong college major. Or you feel if the department of college that you entered was not in accordance with your passion. But finally you still go to college with the reason “the important thing is to stay in college”. Be aware if you have wasted a lot of money on something that is useless because you are studying in college that is not your passion.

4. College doesn’t guarantee you will have good friends or relationships

Maybe you will think if college can get good friends or good business relations. Maybe you can just get a good friend or get a business relationship. But the fact is that some students even get friends who can have a negative impact on ourselves, such as: student brawl, using illegal substances such as drugs and drinking, or even free s3x.

5. College doesn’t guarantee you become successful and have a good career.

College won’t guarantee you get a good job or even get a good salary. The fact is that there are still many students who are unemployed because they have not gotten a job. Already wasted money and wasted time, the results actually became unemployment.

Yeah those are some reasons that make me think that college is not so important. But if you want to continue studying, actually there are many popular universities in Indonesia such as: ITS, AmikomMDPUnhasSt3TelkomUnikomITB, UI, and many more.

Lecture is important for some people, but in my opinion personally, lecture is not so important. We can study anywhere and anytime because of the current technological sophistication. being successful without college is possible, as long as you want to learn, never give up achieving dreams, and want to learn from experience.


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