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tips on how to use social media properly

erwinkeren.com – Are We Really Using Social Media? This question is suitable for someone who often uses social media. Very often many people are wrong in utilizing social networks. But before discussing further the issue of social media, let us know in advance what is social media?

According to Wikipedia, social media is an online media, with its users can easily participate, share and create content including blogs, social networks, wikis, forums and the virtual world. Blogs, social networks and wikis are the most common forms of social media used by people throughout the world.

So in other words, social media is a forum for expressing your thoughts to others through online media. Social media includes: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others.

Then how to use social media properly. I’m only going to discuss the 3 most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

How to Use Social Media in General (for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

1. Express your opinion or fill your mind to social media.
Maybe this way what you think will be heard by others, or you can give ideas to other people, or also you can motivate others. Spending an opinion is the main purpose of the formation of social media.

2. Give the Latest Information.
You can use social media as a means of disseminating information. Even the latest information often appears on social media first than on television. Latest information such as: the latest trends, the latest news, and more. Uniquely, the latest information is faster to spread (viral) through social media.

3. Upload Media Like Pictures and Videos
Social media also allows you to upload media files such as pictures and videos. But still you have to be wiser using this feature. Don’t occasionally upload photos or videos that aren’t worth seeing. Just upload useful photos such as: photo when recreation to a place. And also for videos, you can upload useful videos like: news videos or video tutorials.

4. Contacting Others
Some social media chat features. So you can send private messages to other people like friends, family, girlfriends, or relatives.

Things You Should Not Do ON social media (applies to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
1. Speak rudely and Sara
The ITE (Information and Electronic Transaction Law) law has been applied. If you speak rudely and sara or insult others, then you can be jailed.

2. Do not upload photos and videos that are not appropriate to see.
Usually people are often free to use this feature. In fact, they do not realize that they have uploaded photos or videos that are inappropriate to be shown to the public, for example are photos and videos that show genitalia. On social media, anything will become viral and spread quickly. You don’t want it if your photo or your personal video reaches the person closest to you.

Make use of Facebook Social Media
1. You can get information by joining the facebook group, if you like the gadget you can join the gadget group.
2. You can do promotions on Facebook. Facebook has provided a fb ads ad program that will help you carry out promotions.
3. Facebook is a viral social media that is very fast. When you find something new or unique, you can immediately post on Facebook, then your post will quickly become famous and become viral

Make use of Twitter Social Media
1. Twitter social media is more personal and simpler than other social media. Here you can confide all you want.
2. Twitter as a promotional media. Many have used Twitter as a promotional medium. But you must have a lot of followers.
3. The trending topic feature on Twitter lets you know what is trending or what is popular.

Make use of Instagram Social Media
1. Instagram is social media that is devoted to image or photo media. So you can upload your photos on Instagram. But photos that deserve to be seen yes.
2. Because it’s based on images or photos, then you can use Instagram to promote your products. You can upload your product image to Instagram.

Social media is indeed very useful for all of us. But there are still limitations in using social media. Take advantage of social media properly for yourself and others.


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