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What Your Children Watch Will Affect Their Growth

What Your Children Watch Will Affect Their Growth
erwinkeren.com – One factor saving the younger generation is what he watches. Children will initially imitate what he watches. For example, if a parent does something, it is very likely that the child will also do what his parents do. If parents often do good then children will also do good, for example if parents are always friendly, children will also be friendly. If parents often do bad then the child will also do bad, for example if parents are often angry then the child will also often get angry. What children watch will affect the child’s development. This includes the child’s way of thinking and child behavior.
Television is not just an ordinary entertainment. Television also includes a viewing medium for children. If the child is watching television, then the child will also be more likely to copy what is on television. The problem now is that television stations rarely broadcast programs that are appropriate for a child’s age. Most television shows now look for ratings more than giving moral and scientific education to children. Call it a TV soap opera program (sinetron), which mostly airs soap operas or ftv programs that mostly tell about school life. Stories about school life are not bad things, but there are some scenes that exemplify bad things such as: dating, skipping school, disobedience to teachers, bullying friends in class / school, and bad things done at school. And of course this will be dangerous if consumed by our children.
Then who is to blame? Certainly this is not the child’s fault. The ones who are responsible are the parents. Parents should be able to choose shows that are appropriate for their own children. And parents should accompany the child while watching television. So parents can monitor what children see. And if there are scenes that are inappropriate, parents can advise the child directly or give advice to the child. In addition to parents, the television station must also broadcast more educational programs, not just pursue ratings. In addition, the Indonesian Censorship Agency also acted more decisively in censoring a television program or blocking a television program that was considered to be of inferior quality.

Who else can look after our children if not us. Keep an eye on what your child sees. Because what your child sees will affect his growth.


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