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Work On The Internet VS Work In The Real World

erwinkeren.com – Work is an obligation for adults both male and female. Humans work naturally to get money. The money earned from working can be used to buy necessities of life such as food, clothing, shelter and others. Of course there are many kinds of jobs in this world. But here I will summarize it into two categories, namely: work online and work in the real world, then which is the best? Previously, it should be noted that my writing is not to mock or denigrate your work. But I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of the two professions.

Before explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each, Let’s know the difference first.

What is Online Work?
Online work is work done in cyberspace or the internet. This job requires internet media and a media technology such as a computer or smartphone. examples from this profession are: blogger, content writer, seo service provider, hosting and domain provider, online store, and so on.

What is work in the real world?
Work in the real world is work that is done in real terms, meaning that this work is done in the environment around us. Examples of these professions are: teachers, police, employees, soldiers, nurses, doctors, artisans, and so on.

Already know the difference?
Now we will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of work.

Advantages of Online Work
1. Can be done anywhere. Can be done at home, at school, in cafes, and anywhere as long as there is an internet connection available at that place.

2. Salary is determined by yourself, Example: If you are a blogger, then that will determine the amount of salary is yourself.

3. You are the boss, Example: If you have an online store, then you are the owner of your business.

4. Free from traffic jams on the road, Because it can be done at home so you don’t need to come to the office and get stuck in traffic.

5. Gasoline free money, because it is done at home then you don’t need to come to the office in your vehicle.

6. More time spent with family at home.

7. Nobody rules you and nobody scolds you if you make a mistake. Because you are the boss.

8. You can work whenever you want.

Disadvantages of Online Work
1. Always need an internet connection, if there is no internet, it certainly won’t work.

2. Rarely meet with clients or other people, because usually use the chat feature to have a conversation.

The Advantages of Working in the Real World
1. Your status is clear. Are you a teacher, a doctor, a civil servant, a private employee, or another profession.

2. Your salary is clear because it has been determined, for example: UMR salary

3. Can work together, face to face, know expressions, and talk directly with your coworkers.

4. Get benefits. Some professions in the real world get benefits such as holiday allowances, retirement benefits, and others.

The Disadvantages of Working in the Real World
1. Family time is reduced.

2. If you are just an employee (not the boss) then get ready to be scolded by the boss if you do something wrong, cut your salary, or worse, get fired from your job.

3. Trapped traffic on the road.

4. Gas money expenditure.

5. Your salary is determined by your BOS, not you.

Of course there are advantages and disadvantages of each of each profession that we do. But we still have to be grateful for the work we do. And do not forget to work earnestly so that maximum results. This is only the opinion of Erwin keren.


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